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Reader Response: I loved this book! The book is both funny and terrifying: it’s the perfect balance of dystopian horror and laugh out loud humor. So many great lines! Highly recommended.” - Diane from California.


End Times radio appearance: Seacoast Currents' co-hosts Kathy Somssich and Larry Drake grilled me hard recently: I made them laugh a lot. Listen to archive stream here. (click on July 11 show, I'm in the first hour)

Critical Praise for End Times


It’s said that reality is starting to outpace satire: if the current political climate were put into fiction, readers wouldn’t find it believable. McCord manages to avoid this quandary by making a novel that is entertaining and insightful on its own terms, adding a new interpretation of the strange drama unfolding before us.

Independent Review of Books



With its acerbic narrative perspective, dark humour, and even its absurdity, it’s hard to deny the ever-present element of plausibility that makes it quite terrifying...For readers who love entertainment that makes them laugh out loud whilst highlighting the absurdity of issues that in reality are deadly serious, End Times: More Great Adventures in Real America is a must read and unreservedly recommended.

– BookViral Review

Michael McCord’s provocative 2013 political satire The Execution Channel: A Political Fable the first act of his Real America trilogy and (gulp!) foreshadowed the rise of Trumpsanity. The saga continues with the fantastical and farcical End Times: More Great Adventures in Real America. Set in an alternative (yet eerily familiar) political universe, this tale of American dystopia answers the question: What happens when America goes politically bonkers?


The colorful cast is topped by the righteously amoral and thoroughly corrupt Lawrence C. ‘Demon Seed’ Bowie. After surviving an attempted coup in 2018, he has rebounded with his customary good karma. Bowie is Chairman, CEO, President, and toga-wearing Emperor Supreme for Life of Real America, Inc., the Confederate-admiring, whites-preferred, and corporate-run nation that seceded from Old USA in 2020.


As he nurtures a new country combining the best aspects of a national crime syndicate and a death cult, Bowie prepares for a Coronation Night Extravaganza to celebrate his magnificence and dazzle the world. Though his apocalyptic destiny seems assured, a rising resistance and many foes conspire against him and threaten the Real American dream:

* Legendary secret agent Penelope the Psychic leads the Moocher Resistance Front in an asymmetrical, guerrilla war against Bowie and Real America. Penelope and her band of young digital warriors formulate a daring plan to take Bowie down.

* Bowie’s beloved Mama Bowie defects to Old USA and denounces her son “as an ignorant and dangerous fool.”

* The mysterious and elusive R-Gurr, the battlefield commander of the Moocher Resistance Front, frustrates Bowie at every turn.

The Pious Pauli, the former Congressional leader who defected from Old USA, enforces economic etiquette in Real America. He also leads a conspiratorial plot to overthrow Bowie. 

Mr. Jones, the Real America Secret Police Czar, is the second-most feared man in Real America. But Penelope has forced him to be a double agent which complicates his attempts to thwart the End Times business plan of The Pious Pauli.

End Times: More Great Adventures in Real America will leave readers wondering:

Just how Real is Real America?



Real America is closer than you think. See examples of real political madness headlines seeping into the satirical stew of End Times at the Real America Blog.


More Critical Praise for End Times


“As plunderer politicians, bullying businesses, the licensed crime of politics, and slave-labor kickback schemes take hold in this Real America Inc., readers receive a chilling glimpse of a possible future that could not have seemed so likely only a few years ago. McCord successfully captures the irony and poignancy of a nation gone over the edge and injects elements of a thriller, dystopian observation, political commentary and social conflict…his ability to extrapolate them to their most outrageous and morally reprehensible outcomes is exquisite.”

– D. Donovan, Midwest Book Review

About the Author


Michael McCord, the former political editor and columnist for The Portsmouth (NH) Herald, is an award-winning journalist and writer.


A U.S. Army veteran, he covered his first presidential primary campaign in 1980 and has written for dozens of publications - including the Boston Globe Magazine, Boston Globe, New Hampshire Business Review, Boston Herald, New Hampshire Magazine – and has won New England & New Hampshire press association awards for investigative reporting, political commentary, feature and historical writing, and business journalism.


Among many adventures, McCord profiled James Dougherty, Marilyn Monroes mostly unknown unknown first husband, for Boston Globe Magazine. He also co-wrote the produced theatrical play “think twice before you think” about the life and writings of e e cummings. His essay on the history of the New Hampshire presidential primary was included in the 2008 analogy The American Presidency.


His Real America saga includes The Execution Channel: A Political Fable (2013) & End Times: More Great Adventures in Real America (2019). Penelope will be the final book in the trilogy.


He lives in Exeter, NH with his artist wife Anne and their cat Vito (the Twitter star of the family).


(Above: On the campaign trail with some guy named Obama when they were both younger. Scott Yates photo)

Praise for The Execution Channel: A Political Fable


A novel of fierce intelligence...a pointed and very funny mockery of our current cynical age.

-Kirkus Review


With colorful characters so ludicrous they could only be real, McCords satire of profit, politics

and capital punishment should be required reading.

-- Clarion Review


The Execution Channel: A Political Fable is a satire in the tradition of Swift, Heller, Vonnegut & Marx (Groucho, that is).

It will leave readers wondering:

Just how Real is Real America? 


                                             Dont be afraid: Buy the book (paperback or digital) here!

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