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Before Trumpsanity in 2016, there was the Revenge of Real America in 2020


Veteran political journalist Michael McCords 2013 dark political satire The Execution Channel: A Political Fable had the foresight to predict the unimaginable.


It was only the beginning.


In an alternative political universe (a half-sibling to the grotesque daily spectacle of Trumpism), the second act of the Real America saga continues with the soon-to-be released End Times: More Great Adventures in Real America.


After surviving an attempted coup in 2018, Lawrence C. ‘Demon Seed’ Bowie has rebounded with his customary good karma. Its 2020 and Bowie has been appointed Chairman, CEO, President, and toga-wearing Emperor Supreme for Life of Real America, Inc., the corporate governing body of the whites-preferred nation of Real America that seceded from the Old USA. Bowie is hailed (and hails himself) a genius for implementing the full power of The Galtian Imperatives, the economic religion of “super-duper profit capitalism” and a slavery revival, that only a few understand but all worship mindlessly. Bowie and his gang of economic predators (the Guardians of Galt) offer the world a radical new state idea combining the best aspects of a national crime syndicate and death cult. 


Bowie yearns for historical glory and global acclaim but foes and events conspire against him:


* His beloved Mama Bowie defects to the Old USA, denounces her son “as an ignorant and dangerous fool” and releases a book (The Unbelievably Bloody Story of The Execution Channel) that debunks her sons stature as the genius behind the popular and profitable public execution network.

* The mysterious and elusive R-Gurr leads the Moocher Resistance Front in a guerrilla war against Real America and ruins Bowies coronation night of festivities.

* The former Congressional leader who defected from the Old USA, The Pious Pauli is Bowies closest adviser and the Great Galtian Mystic who deciphers the meaning of The Galtian Imperatives according to the gospel of Ayn Rand and John Galt. The Pious Pauli also leads the conspiratorial plot to overthrow Bowie.

* Despite a $200 million bounty on her head, legendary secret agent Penelope the Psychic runs the formidable counter-intelligence forces of the Moocher Resistance Front and frustrates Bowie at every turn.

Mr. Jones, the Grand Security & Secret Police Czar in Real America, is the second-most feared man in Real America. But hes caught in an intelligence blackmail vice while he attempts to stop the conspiracy against Bowie and save Real America from a business plan that would render it a devastated wasteland.


Follow the farcical and satirical alternative reality of American politics and economics gone haywire in End Times: More Great Adventures in Real America which is slated for release in early 2019. Read Chapter One here!


The subversive and fantastical Real America saga invites readers to believe (a la Lewis Carroll) six impossible things at once, if not by breakfast then certainly by supper. 

It is Happening Here 

Recent dispatches from the non satirical front lines of Trumps Real America:

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Praise for The Execution Channel: A Political Fable


A novel of fierce intelligence...a pointed and very funny mockery of our current cynical age.

-- Kirkus Review


With colorful characters so ludicrous they could only be real, McCords satire of profit, politics

and capital punishment should be required reading.

-- Clarion Review


The Execution Channel: A Political Fable is a satire in the tradition of Swift, Heller, Vonnegut & Marx (Groucho, that is).

It will leave readers wondering:

Just how Real is Real America?



                                             Dont be afraid: Buy the book (paperback or digital) here!

Since you asked


What prompted you to create Real America?

I started in the real world with questions inspired by contemporary headlines and by my coverage of politics as it disintegrated in style and content over the past two decades. What if politicians gave up on governing, were rewarded for being incoherent and vowed to create a government worth hating before eliminating government altogether? What if political majorities were denied the right to have their votes count due to a new mathematics of democracy and destroying the economy became a political virtue?  What if lawmakers were required to secure corporate sponsors and every sector of government was privatized, including capital punishment, education, and public safety? Given that our current political environment keeps reaching ever greater heights of intentional incompetence and cruelty as spectacle - the election of Aspiring Emperor Trumpius has accelerated the madness by quantum leaps - it seemed natural to imagine a uniquely American parallel universe playing out in future election cycles.


Though the political nihilism of the Republican Party (matched often by the self-inflicted bewilderment of the Democratic Party) had built for decades, the igniting spark for my satirical romp came from a 2011 Republican presidential primary debate when some of the audience cheered at the notion that if people without health insurance died, there was nothing anyone could do. I then made the leap to a perfectly sensible investment Ponzi scheme of publicly televised executions in which guilt or innocence matter less than profit margins. From there, the theme menu grew to include the cult of Ayn Rand & John Galt, incoherent hyperbole as a political virtue, greed redefined, secession, unrestrained free market economics, the primacy of sperm, keeping the public stupefied with spectacle and war, backyard rocket launchers, militia protection rackets, psychic readings, reality TV mortgage foreclosure programs in which the bankers are the heroes, and monuments to austerity. Most of all, there was the desire to sanctify and worship a fully corrupt dictator which led to the ascendance of Emperor Supreme Lawrence C. ‘Demon Seed’ Bowie. Sorry, Donald J. Trump, but Bowie had you beat by a couple of years.


This splendid nihilism is what Rand acolyte Paul Ryan dreamed about during his college keg party days before he become a media darling and historically corrupt Speaker of the House. Ryan showed what it meant for a high-profile politician to be a wholly-owned corporate subsidiary (thanks, Koch Brothers). Therefore, it was fitting that Ryan provides the character inspiration for The Pious Pauli, the Grand Galtian Mystic Supreme, in the forthcoming End Times: More Great Adventures in Real America.

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